Section V - OPSEC Associate Professional (OAP) Certification


In August of 2003, the OPS National Board of Directors approved an entry category of certification and designated it “OPSEC Associate Professional (OAP)”. The Board created this category to facilitate the development of OPS Members as they progress toward the full certification status of OPSEC Certified Professional (OCP).


To become an OAP members must:

1.        Be a regular member of OPS in good standing; and

2.       Have three years of OPSEC experience as defined in the qualifications for OCP (one year must be direct experience)

3.       Have at least twenty (20) hours of OPSEC training as defined in the qualifications for OCP.

Those who meet the criteria may be awarded an OAP and use the designation “OAP” after his or her name for three years. During those three years an OAP must work toward OCP certification. An OAP designation may be extended beyond the three year period by resubmitting an additional affirmation. Each extended three year period will require a $100.00 fee (this is to encourage OCP applications).


To complete an OAP affirmation:

1.        Sign and date a statement with a full description of what you did to accomplish the requirements above (description needs to demonstrate that you understand OPSEC). The statement must include the name, sponsor, dates and location of the courses completed or taught.

2.       Include with your statement, a fee of $50.00 (non-refundable). The same fee applies to all applicants. Send a single check in the amount of $50.00 payable to OPS and annotate it as “Fee for OAP Affirmation.”

3.       Mail the hard copy of your statement and check for $50.00 to the address below along with an email to the current email address for the Professional Standards Committee.


OPSEC Professionals Society (OPS)

Attention: Professional Standards Committee
PO Box 150515
Alexandria, VA 22315-0515


Once approved, an OAP is also eligible to participate in the OPS Mentor Program (See Section VI) and should work toward OCP Certification.


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