Section VI - OPS Mentor Program


OPS established a voluntary mentorship program to help OAPs and other qualified individuals to become OCPs. Participation in the Mentor Program will encourage growth of the OPSEC profession and foster growth of the OCP program. Upon receipt of a Mentor request, the OPS Standards Committee will identify a prospective Mentor for the applicant and coordinate with the prospective mentor to ascertain availability and finalize agreement.


Mentor applicants must:

1.        Send a request to participate in the Mentor Program to the OPS Professional Standards Committee

2.       Agree to complete the program no later than three years of being assigned a Mentor (must submit an OCP application, paper and fee)


OAPs are encouraged to use the services of the Mentor to provide focus and direction. Mentors are awarded points toward recertification in accordance with the credit schedule (Section III).


Mentors must:

1.        Be an OPS Members in Good Standing

2.       Be a current OCP Certified Professional

3.       Provide the Professional Standards Committee with current contact information

4.       Agree to assist an OAP by
a. reviewing the individual’s OCP application
b. identifying gaps in and clarifying OPSEC experience, education and training
c. assisting in editing and reviewing any proposed OPSEC related OCP paper


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