OPSEC is a risk management formalized process, tried and true, which enables all persons to view an operation or activity from the perspective of an adversary and  identify, analyze, control and protect their  critical unclassified information.

It has five processes:
  • Identify Critical Information (e.g., Credit card numbers, travel dates, itineraries, passwords, patterns, changes in patterns, inspection results, information base systems)
  • Analyze Threats (e.g., Adversaries, Intelligence agencies – Open source information, corporate/state sponsored spies, eavesdropping, photographing)
  • Discover Vulnerabilities (e.g.,Flow of information, operations, timing of events, how an adversary would acquire the information)
  • Assess Risks (Estimated loss $ x impact of risk x likelihood of risk = $
  • Develop Countermeasures (Cost, timing, feasibility, and imagination of involved personnel)
OPSEC is not:

  • How to mark, handle, store classified documents
  • How to handle computer hardware and software
  • How to classify or declassify information
  • How to transfer information from SIPR to NIPR
  • How to properly lock up your office at night
  • How to conduct classified briefings in hotels

What our Adversaries Want?

  • Names / photographs
  • Equipment vulnerabilities
  • Present and future capabilities
  • Insights into national / military morale
  • Meetings of top officials / diplomatic efforts
  • Important government places
  • Information about military facilities:
    o    Location

    o    Units

    o    Weapons used

    o    Fortifications & tunnels

    o    Amount of lighting

    o    Exterior size and shape

    o    Number of personnel

    o    Ammunition depot locations
    o    Leave policies
    o    Brigades and names of companies

    o    Degree & speed of mobilization

How Does OPSEC Relate to OPS?

The OPS organization has OPSEC professionals from all walks of life who have become proficient at this process and then further enhance it with an artistic clarity that comes from years of experience.

Robert A. “Sam” Fisher Award for Excellence in OPSEC

The OPSEC Professionals Society (OPS) has selected George "Tom" Kerry, OCP, as the first ever recipient of the Robert "Sam" Fisher Award. The award is named for a founding member and first president of OPS, an original Purple Dragon team member, and the principle author of Presidential Decision Directive 298. He was selected from among impressive nominees including active duty military and DoD civilian and contractor personnel.

Perfect Storm:  The Operations Security

Support Division from SAVE to SAP

LTC John "Greg" Howe, OCP, US Army (Ret.)

picture of book "Perfect Storm: the
                      Operations Security"

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